Positive Possum - Everything Positive. Nothing Negative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PositivePossum.com?

The fact of the matter is: bad news sells. If it didn't, you'd see far more positive stories on news networks than negative ones.

That's where PostivePossum.com comes in. It's our desire to help change that balance, and bring a better perspective of reality into people's lives. We are living in a world where there are tons of positive, amazing, inspiring, humorous stories. We seek to bring some of that positivity to the surface!

Everything positive. Nothing negative.

Who is behind PositivePossum.com?

You are. PositivePossum.com stories are primarily generated by user contributions - people who desire to see positive media spread over the Internet. There is also a small group of people from Bark Communications and Radiant who maintain the site and protect it from negativity.

What can I expect to see on PositivePossum.com?

We've categorized the site into six main sections: Fun, Inspirational, Amazing, Educational, Creative and Possums. All of our content will fall into those categories. Be sure to follow us through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with our email newsletter.

Will there be anything political on the site?

No, possums are bipartisan. We will not be adding or approving political content on PositivePossum.com.

Will there be anything religious on the site?

Our core group at PositivePossum.com shares a Christian worldview. We will from time-to-time share inspiring, faith-based stories from a Christian perspective. Anything we post of this nature will be done with respect and positivity in mind.

Can I contribute to PositivePossum.com?

Provided you are over the age of 18, absolutely! Click here to contribute.

What if I find something on your site that infringes copyright?

We take intellectual property very seriously. If you believe that material on or linked to by PositivePossum.com infringes one or more of your copyrights, please visit our Copyright page.

Do you have any Terms or a Privacy Policy that I could read?

Definitely! You can read our Terms & Conditions here, and our Privacy Policy here.

Do you offer advertising?

Yes. Please feel free to contact us by completing this form.

Do you sell possums?

Unfortunately, we do not. But we do hear they make great pets!